AD-Converter: ADUSB4CH



  • 4 channels, input range 0V to 5V
  • 2000 Hz sampling rate for each channel
  • USB connection, USB powered
  • 12-bit hardware resolution
  • 4-fold oversampling resulting in 16-bit resolution

The ADUSB4CH is a 4-channel AD-converter. It connects to the computer via the USB port and is also powered through the USB port. Thus, no external power supply is needed. The ADUSB4CH uses a 12-bit AD converter in combination with 4-fold oversampling, effectively resulting in 16-bit resolution. The maximum sampling rate is 2000 Hz for each individual channel. The ADUSB4CH uses female RCA connectors for the analog inputs. Thus, commonly available RCA cables can be used to connect the AD-converter to the recording devices. RCA to BNC adaptors are available to connect the ADUSB4CH to devices requiring BNC cables. The AD-converter is built into a small tin box which provides excellent protection from electromagnetic noise.

ADUSB4CH, 4 channel AD-converter
AD-converter: 4 Channels, 12-bit resolution, USB connection. $145.00


USB cable, 6 feet long
USB Cable
Connects ADUSB4CH to computer. This is a low noise (2 ferrites) high-speed USB A-B type cable. $11.50


RCA Cable, 6 feet long
RCA Cable
Connects ADUSB4CH with recording devices. If your recording device uses BNC plugs for the analog output, you will need the RCA to BNC adapter. $5.50


RCA female to BNC male adapter
RCA to BNC adapter
Plugs in one end of the RCA cable and provides BNC-compatible connection. $3.50