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HemoLab Software

The HemoLab software is a complete hemodynamic recording and analysis system that even contains a basic statistical analysis program. The use of the included Batch Processor makes analysis of large number of data files very efficient. The HemoLab software consists of:

  • WinAD: Data Aquisition Software
  • Analyzer: Data Analysis Software
  • Batch Processor: Analyzing mulitple data files at once
  • WinStat: Statistics Software
  • Imager: Interactive analysis of images (and movies)
  • FastPicTeX: Preprocessor for PiCTeX. PiCTeX is a package for LaTeX designed for typesetting graphical material with LaTeX. The newest version of WinStat can write FastPicTeX files.


Free Downloads

HemoLab Ver. 19.3 (10/25/2015)
32-bit Windows
64-bit Windows


HemoLab Manual

WinStat Manual

FastPicTeX Manual


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The TSA file format now supports comments.

ADInstruments LabChart files are now also supported in the 64bit version of HemoLab.

WinAD include an ANT+ driver for Garmin Heart Rate Monitors.

Analyzer can now read ADInstruments LabChart files